Price Guide

Wedding cake guide

Contrary to what some people may think, cakes are not priced on the number of the tiers that make up the cake. So bearing this in mind, my prices which I believe are very competitive, are based on a basic single sponge cake size. I.e. 6” 8” 10” etc

My cakes are made from the best ingredients available including free range eggs, high quality chocolate and ‘moreish’ juicy fruits matured in brandy for at least 6 weeks (as applicable), to make wonderfully tasty as well as beautiful centrepieces for any occasion.

Some couples ‘dream’ wedding cake may be 4 tiers high with intricate decoration, a flow of beautiful sugar paste roses and bride and groom cake topper. These items can be very time consuming and would therefore reflect in the final price.

However, a beautiful bespoke cake can be wonderfully tasty yet more simply decorated with fresh flowers (maybe to match the bridal bouquets and button holes) and the price maybe much more appreciated by the happy couple when a budget is the only driving force behind the design of their celebration cake.

A consultation for your wedding or other celebration cake is the ideal way for us to discuss your requirements and to enable a price to be calculated and agreed – usually over a piece of cake of course!!

So as a guide only…

Tiered round sponge cakes in flavours of your choice, including filling and icing, iced board, simple decoration and ribbon of your choice.
2 Tier (6″ & 8″) £185
3 Tier (6″, 8″ & 10″) £260
4 Tier (4″,6″, 8″ & 10″) £310
4 Tier (6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″) £395

Traditional rich fruit cakes – prices on request.

Fresh or sugar flowers, lace icing, brush embroidery, embossing, intricate icing designs, figures and models can all help enhance the look of your bespoke celebration cake.

Other celebration cakes guide

Single tier round sponge filled and covered with buttercream or Regal ice (soft), simple icing decoration, ribbon and some lettering i.e. Happy 30th Birthday Jack.
8″ £35
10″ £45
Single tier “themed” round sponge filled and covered with buttercream or Regal ice (soft), simple 3D ‘themed’ figure and lettering and ribbon.
8″ £55
10″ £75

Cupcakes come in different sizes from a ‘fairy cake’ to a muffin. They can be filled with a variety of delicious flavoured creams of your choice, jam or how about white chocolate ganache? A cupcake can be topped with a buttercream ‘rose’, glace icing and mini rose bud for weddings and anniversaries, sugar paste disc and a baby in blue for a baby shower or how about simple buttercream and 100’s and 1000’s for a child’s birthday?! Prices from £1.75 (minimum 12 cupcakes)

Other Information

So keeping this in mind…why don’t you book a friendly, no obligation consultation now at or call me on 07712 775466 or 01379 897264 for further information and advice.

Delivery is free within a 20 mile radius of Wortham, Diss. Thereafter 30p per mile will be charged.

Cake Set-Up
The setting up of your celebration cake at the venue of your choice (to be confirmed at booking) is free of charge.

A suitable cake stand and cake knife are often supplied by the venue i.e. a hotel. Otherwise your individual requirements can be discussed at the consultation.